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Having fun in school, doing together homework, cooking and eating, playing videogames, watching anime. All those little things make up the daily life of the anime- and chocolate-loving Izumi Konata and her friends which is portrayed here. Sometimes relaxing but more than often simply funny!

Lucky Star - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-04-08

Lucky Star - My Lucky Star (2013 film) - Netflix

My Lucky Star (Chinese: 非常幸运; pinyin: Fēicháng Xìngyùn) is a 2013 Chinese romantic adventure film directed by Dennie Gordon and starring Zhang Ziyi and Leehom Wang. The film serves as a prequel to the 2009 film Sophie's Revenge, with Zhang, Ruby Lin and Yao Chen reprising their roles. It is the first Chinese-language film to be directed by an American woman—Dennie Gordon—known for the American comedies Joe Dirt and What A Girl Wants as well as her work on TV series like Burn Notice, White Collar, 30 Rock and The Office. My Lucky Star's screenplay is a similarly collaborative effort, co-written by Amy Snow, Chris Chow, Hai Huang and Yao Meng (based on a story by Snow, Gordon and producer Ming Beaver Kwei). Zhang co-produced, reuniting with her Sophie's Revenge producers Kwei and Ling Lucas.

Lucky Star - Cast - Netflix

Zhang Ziyi as Sophie Leehom Wang as David Yao Chen as Lily Ruby Lin as Lucy Ada Choi as Xixi Ryan Zheng as Bo Terri Kwan as Charlize Jack Kao as Mr. Gao Morris Rong as Li Wan Singh Hartihan Bitto as Arms Dealer Alfred Hsing as Li Wan's Henchman Zheng Kai as Po Zhang Jin Yao Chen Liu Hua

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