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Run & Buzz says "goodbye" to static games with players stuck behind podiums. This family-friendly half-hour game show requires fast feet as much as a quick mind as three teams of two listen to clues and then have to rush to a buzzer on the other side of the studio to answer the question. Challenges include brainteasers, puzzles, anagrams and more, with contestants facing the dilemma of waiting for more clues to be sure their answer is right, or rushing across the studio to buzz in with a guess before the other contestants. Only one team will sprint to the final round and go for the big prize money.

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

Run & Buzz - The Buzz on Maggie - Netflix

The Buzz on Maggie is an American animated television series created by Dave Polsky for Disney Channel. The series centers on an ambitious and expressive tween fly named Maggie Pesky and her family and friends. The show is set in Stickyfeet, a city for insects located in a dump. While conceptualizing the series, Polsky wanted it to contain a playful aspect at adolescence and director Dave Wasson formed the overall look of the characters, being heavily influenced by early Walt Disney cartoon shorts. The Buzz on Maggie was Disney's first series to be fully animated in Adobe Flash, a process done by Bardel Entertainment and Future Thought Productions. The Buzz on Maggie premiered on June 17, 2005 and aired its final episode on May 27, 2006, concluding its only season. The series received positive reviews from television critics, many of whom praised its humor, voice acting and writing. The theme song “Just the Way I Am”, performed by Canadian singer Skye Sweetnam, was also met with critical praise and a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2006. During its run, The Buzz on Maggie also received an Annie Award nomination for its character design.

Run & Buzz - Critical response - Netflix

The Buzz on Maggie received positive reviews from television critics. Jeff Hidek of Star-News viewed it as “Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends meets The Proud Family” and named it “by far the most entertaining of this summer's new offerings”. Roger Catlin of Hartford Courant wrote that it stands out from other shows on Disney Channel by “being a little sassy and sharp, and a whole lot funnier than most of [the channel's] stuff”. He wrote that the channel “gets back into the race dominated by Cartoon Network offerings ... and a Nickelodeon roster ... with an offering just as hip and well designed”. Catlin commended the voice acting and the “sharp” writing, stating that the former factor “hit[s] the humor home”. The Philadelphia Inquirer critic David Hiltbrand noted that although the show includes “a little” gross-out humor, “it's reasonably tasteful by adolescent standards”. He concluded, “The animation ... is a little substandard, but the premise is nicely maintained.” AllMovie's Hal Erickson deemed the fly concept unoriginal, but said that the show “set[s] itself apart from such earlier endeavors”. Erickson regarded Maggie's “strong, forceful attitude” a positive role model for kids. A critic for Observer-Reporter deemed it “suitably silly”, and Robert Lloyd of Los Angeles Times called it “delightful”. At the time of its premiere, Gail Pennington of St. Louis Post-Dispatch named the show one of the “Tops of the night”. Diana Dawson, writing for Spartanburg Herald-Journal, considered it an “inspiring show for fun-loving tweens”. Kevin McDonough of Lawrence Journal-World wrote that The Buzz on Maggie “strikes a decent balance between cartoon anarchy and Disney's you-go-girl sermonizing.” He praised the title character's “bugged-out status”, writing that it prevents the stories from being “too cute”. Jeanne Spreier of The Dallas Morning News graded The Buzz on Maggie with a B and regarded it as “perfect cartooning” for children. She wrote, “[The show's] relatively simple plots, with equally simple resolutions and very clean dialogue, create fine cartoons for a schoolkid's late-afternoon respite.” Similarly, the show's theme song “Just the Way I Am” received positive reactions; Hiltbrand called it “great”, and Dawson wrote that “every episode explodes with the dynamic theme song”.

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